The days of struggling with registrations, profile updates and complex member setups are over! It will be as pleasant as a visit to the Zoo


  • Allows you to use profile templates anywhere in your site. Which offers total freedom of profile editing and registration in the frontend of your site
  • Adds the same flexibility to your member profiles as you have in regular channels
  • Register & edit members directly in Control Panel channel entries
  • Use all fieldtypes in member profiles
  • Choose membergroup upon registration
  • Comes with a full member profile management example template set (Registration, update profile, update password, update login templates)



The full Visitor documentation can be found here.


For support questions we redirect you to the support forums on devot:ee.

Release notes

The Visitor release notes can be found here.

Buy now on devot:ee for only $75
Great module and really flexible. Also great support, i can recommend this if you want full control over your Member profile/template


Developed by two guys who know EE inside and out and it shows. Very intuitive to use and greatly simplifies and expands EE’s native member functionality.

Erwin Heiser, Stook Studio